No Swimming!


Alas! I've started a blog. I'm hoping this will be an outlet that allows me to post some of my off-the-cuff work.


This first story was about a day trip we took during one of the sweltering hot summer days in NYC. The air in New York has a pungent and almost sour musk to it in July. The perfume from the street trash clings to the humidity and sticks to everything that passes through it. In a quest for greener pastures, a few friends and I decided to escape.


We took the metro north train to literally anywhere that wasn't as shitty as the city. We debarked the train after about an hour and found ourselves stuck at a pub in a tiny po-dunk town, not really having the foresight to think about how we'd actually get around once we found our pasture. Luckily I was able to win over enough locals at the pub, and before you know it we were hitch hiking with a drunk lady named Lori. We told her to take us to any water... and she delivered.


We ended up coming to a stop at this magical little place where the mountains met the lake, which in turn met a stream. More water and nature that we'd had that whole year in NYC. Even though it was clear that the locals knew about this area, it felt like our own. 



We spent all day in this little oasis. A little slice of heaven to someone jaded from prolonged exposure to city life. At the end of the day we heard a loud yell from across the lake. NO SWIMMING! We packed up and left, but that little spot holds a special place in my heart and is a trophy escape for us all.